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Nicolas Cage Movies List – The Complete Filmography

You’ve just found the most important page ever created on the Internet. Here it is. The complete Nicolas Cage Movies List, a filmography for the ages. Purchase any movie or share this glory with friends and fans of Nic Cage across the world. 

*Updated 9/24/16

Nicolas Cage Movies List Legend:

!!!!!! = Rampage Alert, indicates high level of madness + Cage

Official Cage Rating Symbols (Ex. 4/5 Stars)

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage



Nicolas Cage 1980's

Cage broke onto the scene in the 80’s and turned the world upside down


1982 – Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Brad’s Bud

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Cage guest stars in the coming-of-age classic that shows us a world of high school, sex and rock and roll.

1983 – Valley Girl – Randy         

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn his first feature role, Cage stars as a badass punk from the city who meets a “Valley Girl” that just wants to have some fun. 

1983 – Rumble Fish – Smokey

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn the Francis Ford Coppola film, a young, rugged Cage hits the gang streets with a troubled Matt Dillon who longs for the “glory days” of gang warfare.

1983 – Racing to the Moon – Nicky/Bud

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageNic teams up with Sean Penn again in this poignant 1942 story of heading off to war and saying goodbye to the girls at home.

 1984 – The Cotton Club – Vincent Dwyer

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Hazy Harlem Nights come alive in the Richard Gere film that brings back a Jazz era swept away with the sands of time.

1984 – Birdy – Sgt Al Columbato

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

After returning from the horrors of the Vietnam War, Cage sees his friend become mentally unstable and obsess with becoming a bird.

1986 – The Boy in Blue – Ned Hanlan

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageThe story of the wild Canadian legend Ned Hanlan highlights his tumultuous rise to 19th century “skulling” world champion.

1986 – Peggy Sue Got Married – Charlie Bodell

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Peggy Sue is  transported back to her High School years in this early Francis Ford Coppola romp with young, rising stars like Kathleen Turner, Jim Carrey, and Helen Hunt.

1987 – Raising Arizona – H.I. McDonnough     !!!!!!

5 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageThis Coen brothers’ classic skyrocketed Cage’s career with a stunningly sharp, thrilling and irreverent comedy about a desperate couple stealing a famous baby.

1987 – Moonstruck – Ronny Cammareri

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Under the night sky in Brooklyn, Cage teams with Cher in one of the most memorable romantic-comedies of the decade.

1989 – Vampire’s Kiss – Peter Loew      !!!!!!

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage Rampage at it’s most brutal. Watch Peter Loew descend into madness and vampirism as he slowly loses his grip on reality.



Nicolas Cage Deadfall 1990-94

1990 – Tempo di Uccidere (Time to Kill) – Enrico Silvestri

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn this sweeping historical piece set in 1936 Ethiopia, Cage plays an Italian Lieutenant in a tale of imperialism, rape, love and leprosy.

1990 – Fire Birds – Jake Preston

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage goes “Top Gun” with an attitude in this early action piece that combines Tommie Lee Jones and stunning air combat.

1990 – Wild at Heart – Sailor

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageSailor is a Southern outlaw on the run with his lover Lula, as they try to escape the onslaught of assassins Lulu’s mom has sent to kill him.

1991 – Zandalee – Johnny     !!!!!!

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn this heated erotic thriller set in steamy New Orleans, Zandalee finds herself falling for her husband’s old friend in a twisted affair.

1992 – Honeymoon in Vegas – Jack Singer

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Before “Sex in the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker was off in Vegas with Nic in this comedic adventure that earned Cage his first Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.

1993 – Amos & Andrew – Amos Odell

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageA small New England town goes bonkers when upper class author meets criminal in this satirical story that pairs Cage with the legendary Samuel L. Jackson.

1993 – Deadfall – Eddie      !!!!!!

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageFFFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!! One of Nic’s most legendary performances. Watch him come alive in a compilation of profanity, sex, violence and pure unadulterated rampage.

1994 – Red Rock West – Michael Williams

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

This neo-noir, art-house thriller plays out over the grand landscapes of Montana, in the highest rated (95%) Cage film on Rotten Tomatoes. Fuck Mexico!

1994 – Guarding Tess – Doug Chesnic

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn this hilarious romp, Former First Lady Tess Carlisle grows a fondness for a particular Secret Service Agent- too bad Doug can’t stand her!

1994 – It Could Happen to You – Charlie Lang

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

After Policeman Charlie hits it big and wins the lottery, he decides to split his winnings with a sexy young waitress played  by Bridget Fonda.

1994 – Trapped in Paradise – Bill Firpo     !!!!!!

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageA Christmas comedy for the ages! Fugitive brothers Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz scheme their law-abiding brother Bill into a holiday heist- but let’s just say it doesn’t quite go as planned!


Nicolas Cage Face Off 90's

1995 – Kiss of Death – Little Junior Brown

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageEx-con Jimmy tries to live a normal life, but is sucked into a downward spiral of death and anguish…can he redeem himself by taking down local crime lord Little Junior Brown?

1995 – Leaving Las Vegas – Ben Sanderson    

5 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageThe immortal classic that earned Nicolas Cage his Academy Award for Best Actor. He plays a troubled alcoholic who travels to Vegas to drink himself to death, only to fall in love with a local prostitute.

1996 – The Rock – Dr. Stanley Goodspeed     !!!!!!

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

The epic Action-Drama pits Cage, Connery, Bruckheimer, and Ed Harris together in a thrilling tale about a renegade general that threatens San Francisco with biological weapons.

1997 – Con Air – Cameron Poe

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

After serving time, former U.S. Ranger Cameron Poe is ready to return home to his wife and daughter. Little does he know that his flight home is full of USA’s most notorious criminals, hell bent on overtaking the aircraft.

1997 – Face/Off – Castor Troy/Sean Archer     !!!!!!

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

A revolutionary medical surgery allows a cop and crime lord to switch identities. Travolta and Cage battle it out in one of Nic’s most famous action classics.

1998 – City of Angels – Seth     

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageSeth is an angel who guides dying humans into the afterlife, but he finds himself falling in love with a young surgeon (Meg Ryan) towards a romance that can only be fated in the heavens.

1998 – Snake Eyes Rick Santoro     !!!!!!

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageAs the lights shine for a top-card boxing bout in Atlantic City, police detective Rick Santoro (not to be confused with Santorum) finds himself in the heat of a murder conspiracy.

1999 – 8MM – Tom Welles

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampagePrivate Investigator Tom Welles dives into a world of death and deception, where he must discover if a “snuff” film has footage of a real murder.

1999 – Bringing Out the Dead – Frank Pierce     !!!!!!

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Martin Scorsese directs this sordid neo-noir portrait of Manhattan ambulance paramedic Frank Pierce, as he descends into paranoia and delusion.



Nicolas Cage Adapatation

Nic was nominated for his 2nd Best Actor Oscar in 2002

2000 – Gone in Sixty Seconds – Memphis Raines

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageMaster car thief Memphis Raines must come out of retirement to pull the ultimate heist- 50 cars in one night – to save his brother’s life.

2000 – The Family Man – Jack Campbell

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageJack Campbell is a high-flying investment banker with heaps of cash, but this Christmas he’s about to find out what his life would have been like if he started a family with his ex-girlfriend of many years past.

2000 – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – Captain Corelli

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageSet against the backdrop of the beautiful Ionian Islands during WWII, this romantic tale stirs emotions, war and loyalty into a tumultuous melting pot.

2001 – Christmas Carol: The Movie – Marley

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage puts an enchanting voice-acting performance in the animated re-imagining of the timeless Charles Dickens’ story.

2002 – Windtalkers – Sgt. Joe Enders

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageTwo U.S. Marines are assigned to protect Navajo code talkers who use their “language” as an unbreakable radio cypher in the midst of World War II.

2002 – Adaptation– Charlie and Donald Kaufman

5 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCreative, unique, demanding, funny, bold. Cage earned his second Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance in the Spike Jonze masterpiece.

2002 – Sonny – Acid Yellow

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage makes his directorial debut in a piece about a troubled young man returning home from the Army in 1981. Sonny (James Franco) is dragged back into his old life of prostitution.

2003 – Matchstick Men – Roy Waller     !!!!!!

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

EVER BEEN DRAGGED ON THE SIDEWALK UNTIL YOU…PISSEDD BLOODD?!!! Cage goes all out as he plays a wacked out, obsessive-compulsive con-artist who is about to pull off a major heist, before his daughter gets thrown into the mix.

2004 – National Treasure – Dr. Benjamin Gates

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Ben Gates is on the search for the legendary Templar Treasure, but his quest takes a sharp turn when his partner betrays him and threatens to steal the Declaration of Independence.

2005 – Lord of War – Yuri Orlov     

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

In a film based on real-life post Soviet arms dealer Viktor Bout, Yuri questions morality and confronts death in his years running the illegal arms trade.

2005 – The Weather Man – David Spritz

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageDavid Spritz has watched his family fall apart, and is now learning to strike a balance between personal and professional life in this surprising character piece.


Nicolas Cage Bad Lieutenant Old Ladies


2006 – The Ant Bully – Zoc

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageThis inventive and witty animated adventure shows what happens to a young Lucas Nickle after he is shrunken down to ant size and forced into hard labor in the backyard colony.

2006 – World Trade Center – John McLoughlin

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

The Oliver Stone films covers the tragic events of September 11, 2001, from the perspective of two police officers trapped beneath the buildings’ rubble.

2006 – The Wicker Man – Edward Malus     !!!!!!

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageNOT THE BEEESS!!!! The very definition of Cage Rampage and a must-own for any Cage lover. Watch him don a bear suit and beat women as he chases down a mysterious disappearance on a bizarre island.

2007 – Ghost Rider – Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider     !!!!!!    

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageDaredevil motorcyclist Johnny Blaze gives up his soul to become a hellblazing vigilante, fighting with fire against the son of the devil himself: Blackheart.

2007 – Grindhouse – Fu Manchu     !!!!!! 

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

The Quentin Tarantino action extravaganza pays tribute to hyper-violent exploitation films of yesteryear with wit and wackiness.

2007 – Next – Cris Johnson

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageWhat would you do if you could see your future before it came true? Cage explorers the power of controlling one’s own destiny is this harrowing suspense thriller.

2007 – National Treasure: Book of Secrets – Dr. Benjamin Gates 

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

In the stunning American-history treasure hunting follow-up, Gates must kidnap the President in a journey to clear his great-great-grandfather of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

2008 – Bangkok Dangerous – Joe     !!!!!!

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageA dangerous hitman in Bangkok flips the script on his duties when he falls in love with a beautiful, local woman.

2009 – Knowing – John Koestler     !!!!!!

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageAn epic story of fate and faith. After a time capsule reveals chilling predictions of death, Cage discovers the divine place his family has in uncovering the mysteries of the universe.

2009 – G-Force – Speckles

1 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn this lovable animated film, a team of heroic guinea pigs must save the world from a diabolical billionaire with plans on world domination.

2009 – The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans – Terence McDonagh  !!!!!!

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Cage Rage on the streets of New Orleans! This repulsing yet fascinating smorgasbord of drugs and violence shows how one cop falls down a slope of corruption and gripping addiction.

2009 – Astro Boy – Dr. Tenma

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn this re-creation of the classic anime story, Cage voices a brilliant scientist who creates a young robot with incredible powers and the purest spirit on the planet.

2010 – Kick-Ass – Damon Macready/ Big Daddy     !!!!!!

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

Unique and riveting, Kick-Ass blends visual style with hyper-violence and twisted fun when an average New York teenage decides to become a real superhero.

2010 – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Balthazar

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageInspired by Disney classic Fantasia, this story thrusts an average teen into a spellbinding, mythical adventure when a master sorcerer recruits him to save the Big Apple.

2011 – Season of the Witch – Behmen von Bleibruck

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage teams with “Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman in this supernatural action-adventure, where he transports a Medieval woman accused of witchery.

2011 – Drive Angry – Milton     !!!!!!

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage breaks out of Hell for this exhilarating thriller to prevent the cult that murdered his daughter from sacrificing his infant granddaughter on the night of the full moon.

2011 – Seeking Justice – Will Gerard 

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageA quiet family man’s life is turned topsy-turvy when his wife is attacked, daring him to become an underground vigilante to exact revenge on her attacker.

2011 – Trespass – Kyle Miller     !!!!!!

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageBetrayal and deception run amok as Cage and Nicole Kidman are kidnapped by extortionists.

2012 – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – Johnny Blaze    !!!!!!

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIn the smashing sequel Johnny Blaze decides to risk everything to save a young boy and stop the devil from taking on human form.

2012 – Stolen – Will Montgomery

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageMaster thief Will Montgomery is finally out of jail and wants to leave his old life of crime. But everything changes when his partner kidnaps his daughter and demands $10 million.

2013 – The Croods – Grug

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

In this delightful family comedyadventure, the Croods’ cave is destroyed and they must find a new home; with some luck they just might learn a bit about themselves on the way. 

2013 – The Frozen Ground – Sgt. Jack Holcombe

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

It’s Cage vs. Cusack in this true story of an Alaskan State Trooper hell bent on stopping a sick 13-year serial killer rampage.

2013 – Joe – Joe Ransom

4 Stars - Nicolas Cage Rampage

In this dramatic Southern Gothic piece, an ex-con becomes a mentor for a troubled teen dealing with an abusive father.

2014 – Rage – Paul Maguire 

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage is a former thief who has forsaken the life of crime, but his past demons come back to haunt him when his daughter is kidnapped.

2014 – Left Behind – Rayford Steele 

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageThe Rapture! The Biblical prophecy comes to life as millions vanish across the Earth in an instant. Cage and crew are left to pick up the pieces and find out why they were “left behind.”

2014 – Outcast – Gallain !!!!!!

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageIf you ever wanted to see Cage in 12th century China, look no further. Cage plays a legendary warrior who must help the rightful heir secure his throne.

2014 – Dying of the Light – Evan Lake !!!!!!

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage is a CIA operative whose mind is breaking down by the effects of dementia. With his mental clock ticking, he’s on a rogue mission to hunt down a terrorist from his past.

2015 – The Runner – Colin Price 

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage is a once-idealistic politician embattled by a steamy sex scandal, who must confront his demons and discover who he truly is.

2015 – Pay the Ghost – Mike Cole  

2 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageCage takes the horror genre by storm in this gripping thriller; embarking on yet another journey to save a missing relative.

2016 – The Trust – Lieutenant Jim Stone

3 Stars - Nicolas Cage RampageThis is the Cage and Elijah Wood heist movie you’ve been waiting for. After the police officer duo discovers a hidden bank vault, their lives are turned upside down. 

Coming Soon:


Snowden 2016

Dog Eat Dog 2016

U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage 2016

Army of One 2016

National Treasure 3?


The Expendables 3 – ?

The Croods 22018





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