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Nicolas Cage Hair: The Complete History

Nicolas Cage’s hair is one of the most enigmatic entities in the history of Hollywood, nay we say the universe. Cage has been known for his shocking and stunning “do’s” since he stepped onto the scene in the 80’s. Let’s take a moment to reflect on Nic’s hair, and get a perspective on where his hair has been, where his hair is going, the pitfalls and possibilities, the peril and the promise.

This video above shows you how Cage’s hair has evolved throughout his career, from mullet to pompadour to goatee to wig and back again. Nearly every film from the Nicolas Cage Movie List appears in the clip. 

Here is a complete cheat sheet to help you match hair to Cage film.

Nicolas Cage Hair - Game

Link -via The Daily What

Now that you’ve watched the evolution of Nic’s hair on video, are you ready to test your skills? Challenge yourself with this tantalizing game by matching each Cage hairstyle to the correct film.

If you consider yourself a failure, peek at the answers here.

Nicolas Cage Hair Design

Want to design your own Nicolas Cage hairstyle? Check out this whiteboard to design your own hairstyle for Nic from scratch.

Nicolas Cage Hair Is a Bird

No story about Nicolas Cage hair would be complete with the Internet’s famous bird hair meme. This meme has stood the test of time and helps settle arguments across the World Wide Web every single day. 

Do you have a favorite Nicolas Cage hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!


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